Haela Brightaxe

Haela Brightaxe (hay-la brite-axe), also called the Lady of the Fray or the Luckmaiden, was a dwarven demigod of battle and luck.

Haela Brightaxe was one in spirit with good-aligned dwarves who loved battle and who lived to cleanse Toril of evil monsters. Haelan clerics fought monsters whenever they could find them, either to destroy the evil beast, or just for the thrill of battle. Haela, as she was a goddess of luck, took great risks in the battles she fought.

Haela’s clerics were called kaxanar, which could be translated as “bloodmaidens”. Most of her clergy were females, but the few men who served her didn’t seem to have a problem with the feminine title. Kaxanar cared little for the rules of dwarven society and built their temples wherever conflict was to be found. Temples were regularly built in the cellars of human ruins, abandoned dwarf holds, or even empty gnome warrens. Most temples also served as armories, and all were trapped with at least one very violent bombastic trap so that no temple could fall into enemy hands. Kaxanar were frequently also barbarians, since their rage engendered joyous destruction.


Haela Brightaxe

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